Solution of Laptop Keyboard Problems

Laptop keyboard is another easy damaged component. Usually there are no big problems. The solution is easy and simple. You have no need to ask the expert for help. While, there are some troublesome problems that you should come to the experts to have it repaired.

Several days ago, the lights on Dell B130 Keyboard are flashing consecutively. For this situation, a friend shows me the following advices. In fact, there are more and more cases. But the solution is within the below ways.

1, the cooling efficiency: the monitor, power supply and CPU work for long hours without stop. This will lead to crashes.
2, dust blocking: though we keep the laptop in a clean place, it’s evitable that the dust attaches to the fan, the motherboard and the HP DV9000 Keyboard. it will block some parts inside to work properly.
3, memory chip problem: sometimes the chips are loose, so you just fasten it. as to broken chip, the only way is to change a new one.
4, CPU over-speed: when CPU operating frequency increases to certain extend, its performance may become unstable. Relatively simple solution of course, is to enter the BIOS, the CPU frequency back to normal tone. Gateway 8011381R Keyboard, HP 441541-001 Keyboard, and this HP dv6-1030us Keyboard are damaged by this reason.
5, hard disk problem: If the hard disk has too much debris and too little space, the computer is prone to crashes. It’s a good habit to develop regularly defragment of hard disk and remove junk files from the hard disk. Hard drive or as a result of aging caused by improper use bad sectors, bad sectors, use the troubleshooting tools for processing, such as serious damage can only replace the hard drive.
6, the driver installation is wrong: when certain hardware such as graphics card driver, if the installation errors, booting the system into the desktop. It’s easy to get a blue screen or black screen or crash.
7, application software flaw: If you run Bug software, it may cause the system to crash or not start. In which case, you’d better find the latest version of the software or uninstall this software.







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