How to Unlock My Sony Vaio Keyboard

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Accidentally locking your Sony Vaio keyboard can cause typed letters and/or numbers to appear on the screen very slowly, or not at all. The locking function can occur if a user holds down the shift key for more than eight seconds. This feature can be unlocked through the computer's Microsoft Accessibility Options.




1. Click "Start," "Control Panel," "Ease of Access" and "Ease of Access Center."

2. Click "Make the keyboard easier to use." A new window will appear.

3. Remove the check-marks next to "Turn on Mouse Keys," "Turn on "Stick Keys" and "Turn on Filter Keys." This unlocks your keyboard.

4. Click "Apply" to save changes, then "OK" to exit the window.



Tips & Warnings

    *Pressing the "Shift" key rapidly five times in succession turns on the "Sticky Keys" function.

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