How to Troubleshoot a Lenovo Laptop Battery Not Charging

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When a Lenovo laptop battery won't charge, the likely culprit is a dead battery that needs to be replaced. However, prior to spending money on a costly battery replacement, troubleshooting will help you confirm that that is indeed the problem. In addition to a dead battery, other common reasons why the battery won't charge include a faulty power adapter, a dirty battery or a battery not properly placed in the laptop.

Turn the Lenovo laptop off and unplug it from any power source.

Unlock the battery release lever by sliding the lever, on the bottom of the laptop, toward the unlocked battery icon. While holding the lever in place, slide the battery pack out of the battery housing unit. The battery will not slide out if the batter release lever is in the locked position.

Insert the circular power adapter jack into the outlet on the Lenovo laptop. Plug the other end of the power adapter into a working electrical outlet.

Push the "Power" button. The laptop should turn on. If it does not, the power adapter is not working correctly and should be replaced. Push the "Power" button again to turn the laptop off. Remove the power adapter.

Wipe away dust and residue from the battery pack and battery housing unit using a clean, lint-free cloth. If there is residue that does not wipe away, dampen a corner of the cloth with rubbing or isopropyl alcohol. Use that to wipe away the residue. If the contacts on the battery appear damaged, dented, corroded or loose, replace the battery. If the contacts in the battery housing unit are damaged, consult a professional for information about replacing the battery housing unit. Do not use a computer with damaged battery contacts as this can cause electrical problems or fires.

Place the battery so the contacts are facing downward. Slide the battery into the battery housing unit, so the contacts are aligned with the battery housing unit contacts toward the back. Once the battery is properly positioned, the locking device will lock the battery into place. The battery should be secure, not wobbly. If the battery is wobbly, remove it and attempt to slide it into place again.

Plug the power adapter into the laptop. The battery charging indicator light should light up, indicating the battery is charging. Allow the battery to charge for four hours.

Remove the power adapter. Push the power button. The laptop should power on. If the laptop doesn't power on, the battery should be replaced.

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