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Laptop Keyboards make a natural clicking sound, but it's usually obvious when the clicking becomes unnatural. Specifically, if one key sounds different from the rest there's definitely something wrong with it. Bigger keys, like the Enter key, are more prone to damage because of their size. If a sticky liquid has spilled on it, cleaning the key with alcohol will alleviate the problem. If that doesn't help, there could be something stuck beneath it that causes the sound.

Use the butter knife to gently lift around all four edges of the key. Apply light pressure to the top of the key to preventing it from popping off. Do not yank it or you might damage the plunger beneath it.

Pry the key off and set it aside.

Hold the compressed air upright and squeeze the trigger in short, quick bursts towards the empty spot. Holding the trigger too long will produce liquid rather than air and damage the components of the laptop. Alternatively, blow hard to loosen the dust particles.

Look closely for particles that are lodged in the space and remove them with the tweezers. Try not to touch the rubber plunger or parts attached to it as they might break and prevent the key from attaching.

Align the Enter key on the keyboard and press down firmly on both ends. You'll feel a snap when it's in place.

Check the recently installed programs for a program like "Sound Pilot" or "Sound Central" if the clicking remains or sounds like it's coming from the speakers. These applications will create a sound whenever certain keys are pressed. Uninstall by clicking "My Computer > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs." Find the software in the list and click "Uninstall."


Unplug the laptop and take out the battery to prevent it from turning on accidentally.

If the key is removed roughly and physical damage occurs underneath, the entire keyboard will need to be replaced.

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