How to Repair an Acer Aspire 5315 Keyboard

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Repair Acer Aspire 5315 Keyboard

The keyboard on your Acer Aspire 5315 laptop is a single component that is attached with a ribbon cable to the motherboard in your computer. If you have been having problems with the keyboard as a whole, chances are you have a problem with the connection. You could pay a service technician to fix it for you, but the Acer Aspire is designed for easy removal of the keyboard, so you can do it yourself.
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Things You'll Need: Phillips screwdriver


1. Turn off your Acer Aspire and remove the power cable. Shut the screen and turn the laptop upside down.
2. Unplug the rectangular battery from its port in the side of the computer. Three screws will be visible in the empty battery compartment.
3. Remove all three screws and set them aside.
4. Turn the laptop right-side up and open the screen.
5. Insert the tip of your screwdriver in the seam at the side of the rectangular panel just above the keyboard. Gently pry up to pop the panel off and set it aside.
6. Lift the keyboard up from the top and the ribbon cable will be visible. Unplug it from the port on the top of the computer and plug it back in, making sure it is secure in the port.
7. Reassemble your keyboard in the reverse order you took it apart.

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