How to Remove the Keyboard on an HP Pavilion DV4-1114NR

Published on by Pavilion DV4-1114NR is part of HP's DV4 series of laptops, which come equipped with special features designed to improve the computer's functionality as an entertainment device. These features include a 14-inch high-definition LED screen, an Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics card and an optional Blu-ray player/DVD burner optical drive. Should one of the components on your DV4-1114NR cease to function properly, you might find it necessary to remove the HP Pavilion DV4-1114NR keyboard to perform the necessary repairs.

Turn off the computer and any attached peripheral devices. Unplug the AC adapter from the wall outlet. Disconnect the AC adapter from the computer. Disconnect any other cords or cables attached to the computer's interface ports. Close the display, and turn the computer over. Rotate the computer until the rear edge of the bottom panel is facing you.

Find the battery module, located in the lower-right section of the bottom panel. Find the battery release latch, located above the upper-right corner of the battery module. Slide the battery release latch to the right. Pull on the upper edge of the battery module, and then slide the lower edge free of the battery bay.

Find the three screws installed along the middle of the laptop's bottom panel, arranged in a line from the left edge to the right. Use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws. Turn the computer over, and rotate it until the front edge of the device is facing you. Open the display, and push it backward as far as the hinges will allow.

Use your fingertips to pull up the top edge of the HP Pavilion DV4-1114NR keyboard. Lift the top edge upwards while simultaneously sliding the bottom edge forward. Lift up the bottom edge of the keyboard, and locate the interface cable leading from the keyboard to the laptop's system board. Trace the cable down to the connector on the system board.

Find the plastic latch securing the keyboard's cable to the connector. Use a fingernail to push the edges of the latch toward the rear edge of the laptop, releasing the cable. Extract the cable from the connector. Lift the keyboard free of the laptop's base, and set it aside.

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