How to Remove the Keyboard From an HP Pavilion DV6

Published on by modern laptops, including HP Pavilion DV6 laptops, are designed so that the keyboard can be removed and replaced if it becomes damaged. Since there is little to dissemble on computer, you can perform the task yourself without the help of a technician. And since you don't have to deal with many wires there is almost no knowledge of electronics needed. The entire process can be completed in only a few minutes.

Turn off your HP Pavilion and remove the battery from its compartment on the bottom of the computer.

Open the screen so that you have full access to the keyboard. Insert the tip of a screwdriver in the seam on the right side of the plastic panel above the HP Pavilion DV6 Keyboard.

Pry up with your screwdriver to disengage the rectangular panel from the laptop. Remove it and set aside.

Remove the four screws on the top of the HP Pavilion DV6 keyboard and set the screws aside.

Lift the HP Pavilion DV6 Keyboard up from the top and unplug the keyboard ribbon cable where it connects at the bottom of the computer. Set the keyboard aside. It is now removed form your laptop.

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nina 08/08/2011 02:44

HP Pavilion DV6 laptops is very popular with customers,i think this article will help all of them,thank you!