How to Remove an Inspiron 17R N7010 Keyboard

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Removing the Dell Inspiron 17R N7010 Keyboard for replacement or cleaning only requires a few tools and some safety precautions. Most Dell Inspiron keyboards follow the same removal method, with minor changes between designs. Read your owner's manual for instructions if your specific Inspiron model differs from these basic instructions. The owner's manuals are available for download on the Dell Support website.

Remove all power sources from the laptop. Unplug and turn off the laptop. Disconnect any external devices or cables attached to the computer. Remove the battery from the laptop by turning it over and sliding the release latches outward. Slide the battery out of the battery bay.

Remove the hinge cover above the keyboard. With the display fully open, insert the small flat screwdriver or plastic scribe into the indent on the right side of the cover. Pry the cover up gently, and pull it off of the laptop. If there are any screws holding on the cover, remove them with the Philips screwdriver before removing the hinge cover.

Locate and remove the screws at the top of the keyboard with the Philips screwdriver.

Lift the keyboard gently from the top and locate the keyboard connector at the bottom.

Disconnect the keyboard from the system connection by rotating the connector latch forward, toward the front of the laptop.

Gently lift the keyboard and the connector cable out of the laptop.

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