How to Remove an Dell XPS 17 L702X Keyboard

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It can be somewhat intimidating to take a computer off for the first time--doubly so if that computer is a laptop, because of the close proximity between sensitive components. However, replacing a laptop keyboard is not difficult and requires very few tools. Remove the keyboard from your Dell XPS 17 L702X laptop using a screwdriver and these instructions.

Turn the computer completely off. Disconnect it from the power supply, and remove the battery. The center console cover (the portion above the keyboard, containing the power button and indicator lights) for the laptop must be removed before the Dell XPS 17 L702X keyboard can be taken out.

Turn the laptop over. The center console cover is secured with three Phillips-head screws on the bottom of the laptop, close to the main hinges. Remove these three screws. The console cover is connected to the main circuit board of the laptop with an internal cable. Lift the cover until you can see the cable, but do not pull the cable out. The cover uses a "zero insertion force" cable, which is held in place by a plastic tab on either side.

Use your fingernail to move each plastic tab forward, toward you. When each tab is moved, the cable for the center console cover will come out with no effort. Lift the cover away. You now have access to the plastic covers over each laptop hinge on either side of the center console cover.

Slide the plastic hinge covers away from the center of the laptop. You now have unfettered access to the keyboard.

Remove both screws securing the top of the keyboard to the body of the laptop. Begin lifting the keyboard away from the laptop until you see the cable under it.

Remove the keyboard cable by grasping both sides of the plastic connector at the end and wiggling slightly until it comes loose. The keyboard can now be removed from the laptop.

Replace the keyboard with a new one by performing the above steps in reverse.

Tips & Warnings

You should not assume that the keyboard of your Dell XPS 17 L702X needs to be replaced simply because it has stopped working. Sometimes, being bumped or jostled can cause the internal cable connecting the keyboard to the motherboard to become loose. You may be able to return your keyboard to normal operation by simply removing and reconnecting the cable.

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