How to Disable the Keyboard on an Acer Aspire 5920

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Acer's Aspire 5920 is a laptop that runs Windows software. Like other laptops, the Aspire 5920 has a built-in keyboard. It also has USB ports that make it possible to use an external keyboard in case the built-in keyboard is malfunctioning, or in case the user simply wants to type on an external keyboard. If you use an external keyboard, or if your Aspire 5920's keyboard is malfunctioning, consider uninstalling the keyboard driver. This will disable the laptop's built-in keyboard from use.



1. Click on the "Start" menu and open your Control Panel.

2. Click on the "Keyboard" icon in your Control Panel. This will open a new window. Note the tabs at the top of the new window.

3. Select "Hardware" and click on the "Properties" button.

4. Click on the "Driver" tab and choose "Uninstall."

5. Restart your Acer Aspire 5920.

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