How to Clean Lenovo IdeaPad G550 Keyboard Plates

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Laptop keyboards, just like any keyboard, get dirty and grimy as time goes on. Oils from your fingertips, accidental spills from beverages, and obtrusive bread crumbs can affect the performance of your Lenovo IdeaPad G550 Keyboard. Excessive grime can also render your laptop useless. By cleaning the plates and keys on a regular basis you will ensure the health of both your  keyboard and your laptop. With a few items, you can effectively clean and deodorize your device.

Turn off the laptop by pressing the power button. Disconnect the charger adapter. You do not want to tinker with an electrical device while it's still connected to electricity.

Take a dry lint-free cloth and clean any visible dirt and grime from the surface of the keyboard's plates.

Tilt the laptop on its side. Grab your can of pressurized air. Aim the can between the plates and blast away. The can of pressurized air will blast any dirt accumulated under the plates, effectively cleaning them out. Keep blasting the area between each plate.

Moisten a clean cloth with water. Wipe the surface of the plates.

Moisten cotton swabs and cotton balls with rubbing alcohol. Wring out excess moisture. Clean the space between the plates with the cotton swabs and clean the surface of soiled keys with the cotton balls. The alcohol not only will clean the plates, but also will sterilize them.

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frank_Lenovou300 01/04/2012 23:00

Do you know how to clean the keyboard of Lenovo U300 ?