Fix a Loose Key in an HP Laptop Keyboard

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HP Laptop keyboard take a great deal of abuse. With the various typing styles and the various amounts of force applied to the keys, they can loosen up or even fall off. If you notice that one or more of your laptop keys are beginning to loosen, you can often repair or replace individual keys for little money. Laptop keys are made of three parts -- the key cap, the retainer clip and the silicone membrane.

Press firmly down on the key to see if it snaps back onto the retainer clip. If not, one of the key parts may be broken.

Remove the loose key cap. Key caps can be removed from the keyboard by carefully pulling upward from the upper left or right corner of the key.

Use the magnifying glass to look at the underside of the key cap and check for any damage to the clips. If any of the clips are broken, the key cap will need to be replaced.

Use the magnifying glass to look at the tabs on the retainer clips on the keyboard. If any of the tabs are broken, the key cap cannot fully secure itself to the retainer clip, and it will need to be replaced.

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